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Hi, I’m Dawid Lyszczek (pronounce da’veed wiesch-chek), and I’m here to show you that building muscle and getting lean is easier than… pronouncing my surname! 

I have spent close to two decades experimenting with training, diet and supplements so that you don’t have to. 

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How to Maintain Muscle Mass Without Gym?

Whether you’re as disciplined as drill sergeant with your workouts or not, there will come a time when you simply won’t be able to get into the gym. Long business trips, holidays, worldwide pandemic apocalypses – you name it. It’s scenarios like this when the obvious question (beside survival) is how to maintain muscle mass without gym access.

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Are Abs Genetic? The Surprising Truth

Guys were crowding in the free weight section of the gym, fighting for their spot in front of the mirror. It was only a matter of time… the ‘abs guy’ appeared out of nowhere, lifted his shirt up, hissed and tensed his six-pack. Few guys immediately sucked their guys in, pretending not to see the display. In moments like this it’s hard not to wonder – are abs genetic?

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How to Build Muscle Fast? The Ultimate No BS Guide

Gyms are popping up around every corner. Supermarket shelves are bending under the weight of “high protein” foods. And even the best adblocker can’t help you escape “expert” fitness advice.

You should have all the tools needed to develop a body of your dreams. But do you really know the best way to build muscle fast?

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